September 17, 2013

M's Nursery

Since we found out that we're having a little girl, the biggest question has been, "what are you doing to the nursery?" I suppose that this is the perfect question for a design-oriented person especially when this room has consumed most of my brain space lately.

The room is a small space but it's full of light and is just perfect. Doug painted the walls last week and the painter is coming on Friday to take care of the trim and repaint the wood floors. Yes, the floors are painted (gasp!) and I secretly love it because I have something really fun planned for them.

This is the room as of a few nights ago when I was picking glider swatches. As you can tell by my really crappy iPhone picture, the floors are currently a light blue but won't be for long. For the walls, we went with BEHR Silver Drop. I'm in love with this color– it's the perfect light gray.

As far as inspiration, I'm going for what I love–neutral textures in gray, linen & white with some navy, pink, gold, a little black and some chartreuse. It will be equal parts feminine and fun. A little inspiration...

Image via lakeitha duncan.

Image via Live Simply.

Image via Atlantic-Pacific.

Image via Smitten Studio. 

Image via the Lennoxx.

We also put together the crib last week in the living room. As in, Doug did. And I watched and held the bolts for him. I was completely under the weather with a cold and so excited to see it in one piece that I didn't even think that we wouldn't be able to fit it through the door of the nursery. So the crib sat in our living room all week until Doug took it apart on Friday. It wasn't funny at the time but gives me quite a good laugh now. 

The gliders been ordered, the fabric is at the seamstress, and final decisions are starting to be made. I'll be back soon with part 2 including the design board and some more pictures. 

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