September 18, 2013

Painting the Living Room

When it comes to paint colors, I definitely fall into the cool color family. Give me a can of blue or gray paint and I'm a happy girl.

Our front living room is a long rectangle with the most amazing daytime light and walls that are currently painted in two different colors. Funny story, actually. The day of our inspection, I was doing work in this room while Doug and the inspector were in the attic and I could not concentrate because of the walls. When I mentioned the two-tone color to them, they didn't even see what I was talking about. Needless to say, this room is on the top of my paint list.

Step one - paint! The painter is also doing this room on Friday so we have swatches on every wall of this space.

Step two - new sofa! The one in the pictures is just a stand in. The new one arrives this weekend and I can't wait.

The first three colors are Benjamin Moore. The last two are Home Decorators Collection by BEHR (represent!). 

Another room being tackled? The dining room. My friend Lea and I were laughing that this room is like sitting on a cloud. And that's not a compliment. Notice the mirrored light switch? Yeah.

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