September 9, 2013

House Post #1 & a DIY

My guess is that there's nothing more exciting to a design lover than buying her first house. Besides the fact that you can't do everything at once (and really, we all know that it takes time for a house to become a home), I'm having a hell of a time getting started.

Creativity is a part of my daily life at work whether in my day to day routine or when we're out on a photoshoot, but I must say admit that I lost it for a long time and didn't know how to get it back. It took a vacation, visit with family, and buying a house to find it but it's finally back and it feels good.

Even though the better part of a cold kept me down most of the weekend, I was still able to get a few productive things done around here including finishing the nursery design (above & more to come soon!) and a little DIY project for the front door.

I'm not a huge DIY-er but we needed some privacy for the front door and we needed it now. I looked high and low for the past week, weighing all of our options, and decided that this no sew roman shade DIY project on Little Green Notebook would fit the bill (it was so easy, I did most of it while on the phone with my best friend in Dallas!).

Not to be picky (ha!), but I needed privacy but didn't want to block light, wanted bamboo shades but worried about both their physical and visual weight in the space, and worried about a two-sided design. After visiting four different fabric stores, looking at options online and rummaging through all my swatches, I found ready made curtains at HomeGoods that just worked. During...

After... now we have privacy. The burlap fabric still allows for the perfect amount of light and I love it, wrinkles and all! In the next few days I'm going to finish the back side so that you don't see the blinds slats.

The way things are heading, the entryway may be the first room finished in this abode. It's getting a fresh coat of paint this week and a new Persian rug (!!!).

Looking forward to sharing this home's journey on this little blog!

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