April 16, 2013

Botanical and Nature Study Prints

Because Tuesdays are all about eye candy. And, because my walls are in a serious mid-life crisis and don't know who they are or what they're doing. They are also seriously crushing on some nature study and botanical prints.

This room absolutely slays me. From the chairs to the curated selection of prints, this room perfectly combines a relaxed vibe while still maintaining formality thanks to the many seating areas.
 Erika from Urban Grace design rooms that are equal parts cool and casual. I mean, do you see this pingpong table? She striped it herself and I have major striped pingpong table envy, even if I only play it likes once a year in my in-laws basement...
 Green velvet sofa. That rug. Those prints.The globe...
On the left, a gallery wall of nature study prints is the perfect entry to what looks like a comfortable room. On the right, can't get enough of those old posters (and that Peter Dunham pillow!).

My walls are telling me that these prints are a yes.

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