March 10, 2013

Project Bedroom

Happy Sunday, loves. 

I hope you all had a fab weekend saving daylight. As Lauren Santo Domingo said this moring on Twitter, "Daylight Savings is my favorite holiday." Amen.

We spent the weekend with friends by night and painting by day. Nothing like a little spring cleaning to get the gear rolling on Project Bedroom.

So this is before. I can't even... it's so bad.

And this is what I have in mind. 

It's going to be goooood. 

After 2 days of painting... and by painting, I mean that I painted a bedside table blue, didn't like the color, had (have) paint in my hair and all over my skin, picked a new blue, painted both, like the blue and then painted the bed frame. I'm one step from a Smurf AND I killed a few braincells along the way so excuse me if I'm making no sense. 

Bed being painted. This reminds me of a catalog shoot from one of the decor companies lately... only my backyard is NOT Italy. Duh.

I can't wait to show you Project Bedroom. Have a great week beauties.

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