October 3, 2012

Blue and White....Everything

Happy Wednesday and almost almost weekend! I am counting down the days to the weekend because I'll be reunited with my favorite girls, eating pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and enjoying the fall weather. Sounds pretty perfect to me.

So, today I'm going to talk about my favorite color(s) - blue and white! Together, I think that they form one perfect color. My obsession with blue and white has been lifelong and can be first traced back to the pant suit my mom put me in for Easter when I was six and then my fabric-covered room in Middle School that Katy today would kill for in her future home.

In my perfect universe, we'd have blue and white everything. But since that's totally not normal and there is in fact a possibility of going too far, I try and curtail the addiction (however, I did snag some Blue Willow plates last night for a steal) and only take and collect pictures - here are some of my favorites.

I took this picture in our photo studio at work - I love, love, LOVE these blue and white tea jars.

Can you believe that we got rid of this sofa? It was my first every sofa purchase and I must say that I do miss it so. And so does Samson.

My mom's Blue Danube collection is amazing and she's giving it all to ME. Aren't I just the luckiest? She's also given me her fondness for collecting plates - I swear that she has about 20 collections of everyday and fine china. Don't pumpkin chocolate chip cookies look better on blue and white?

This picture (via OscarPRGirl) leaves me weak at the knees. I could die for this room.

Remember my man PAF? Well, he must know me too well because he always has the most beautiful blue and white items in his shop.

The chest was slaying me on Friday at dinner at Empire State South. It was perfectly rustic and the handles are everything.

Okay, I'm done for now. But check out the beautiful rooms on my blue and white board on Pinterest. 

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