September 28, 2012

Friday Favorite: Fall

Hey guys! And welcome to my favorite time of year, also called almost October. I've been such a bad blogger this week because, well, life just got in the way. And I'm not going to say that that won't happen again. Since it's fall, you can currently find me outside enjoying wine and friends and not on the computer when I get home from work.

This weekend we'll be breaking out the fall decor, trying new restaurants and recipes, playing tennis and watching football. Some of my annual pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are also in the near future (if making, note that they make a lot). 

Here are some of my fall must-haves this year- not an outfit list but a life list.

1. Drink wine outside. I mean, can you imagine sitting here all day drinking wine?

2. Enjoy the view. Bonus points if from an adirondack chair.

3. Buy more candles. Put them on a pretty mantle.

4. Break out the trench coat!

5. Enjoy the leaves and homes in the neighborhood.

6. Bust out the cozy pillows and blankets. Read a book all day.

7. Wear the wellies. Jump in puddles.

8. Sit by a fire with old friends and Emma.

9. Create a welcoming front door. And then welcome guests.

10. Explore.

The end.

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