February 6, 2014

Random Thursday

Happy Thursday! These maternity-leave days are going by oh-so-fast. I'm eating up every minute of being home with my adorable Mackenzie who may or may not have smiled this morning. Jury's still out.

First off I'm obsessed with my new bracelet. Gotta keep the faith and I love that all the pieces from this company are made in the USA. 

I started painting our entryway coral but it's turning into a big disaster. Aka - it's halfway painted and I hate the color at night. Doug's given me until this weekend to figure out what my next move is. The pressure! So a coral entryway is not in my future but isn't this entryway by Mary McDonald amazing

FYI, if you're going for coral paint in your home, keep it more pink so it doesn't look orange at night. Lesson learned.

I've given up dairy because Mackenzie has been a little fussy which means NO CHEESE (and if you know me then you know that I love my cheese). So we've been scouring our cookbooks and the internet for some non-dairy recipes. This Sweet, Sticky and Spicy Chicken recipe was delicious and almost too simple.

My sister got me a Lululemon gift card for Christmas and while I'd love to waltz in their and buy the pants that I want, it's just not going to happen until I lose the rest of this baby weight. So that being said, I found some amazing workout pants at Old Navy. I'm slightly in love with them. They are perfect for walks and running errands with the little.

We're in dire need of some color in this house! For some reason, navy and grays have become neutrals in my life which is why I'm turning to corals and pinks as accents. This Trina Turk pillow needs to come and stay here. Plus, it's on sale! 

Lastly happy pre-Friday! 
We get our newborn pictures back today and I can't wait to stare at them and share them with you. They are incredible but I may be just a little bias. Just a little.

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