September 30, 2013

Persian Rugs in the Kitchen

Growing up, we had a semi-Persian cat named Pischer. He had a funny name and was incredibly patient with two little girls who dressed him up in their dolls' clothes and pushed him around in a stroller. Is it weird that I think of him everytime I see a Persian rug? 

I ordered a Persian rug a few weeks ago now for the entryway in the casa. I had high hopes of it working there but when it came in it was just too small and wasn't working. What's a girl to do? Why, slap it down in her (blue) kitchen and call it a day. More to come on the blue kitchen...

I love how the rug immediately updated the kitchen and made it more homey. 

And just some pretty rug-in-the kitchen inspiration to get you through the rest of your Monday!

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful Persian rug for kitchen and Persian rugs a couple of weeks back now for the entrance in the casa. Progressively to go ahead the blue kitchen.