May 9, 2013

Blue & White. Forever.

My affinity for blue and white goes way back. Even further than middle school, but it was middle school when the neutral and soothing color combination really shaped me.

My room was covered in a blue and white fabric toile print that was so beautiful we didn't want to take it down. I thought that it was so cool that my fabric walls matched my blue wireless phone and it was even cooler that my parents gave me my own phone line. I have a few pictures of it... must find them!

In the years since that bedroom (which I would kill to have as an adult!), my fondness for the classic pair only grows stronger.

All pictures are from my Blue and White Pinterest board. Because, why wouldn't you have a blue and white Pinterest board?


  1. Lovely post, I am now following along with you on Pinterest,

  2. Oh I LOVE that Qaudrille living room in Maine! How I wish I lived there! love your blue and white pinterest boards! xo

  3. Beautiful boards! I'm really big on mixing my blue and white with black and white and some greenery from plants.