April 4, 2013

On My Radar

Daybeds aren't just for kids. Who wouldn't want a cross between a bed, chaise lounge and chair in a room? Growing up in Dallas, we definitely had one and it was perfect for relaxation and sleepovers, thanks to the trundle bed underneath. And now, I can't get enough of them.

My favorite kind are the ones that double as a bed, although I definitely wouldn't mind the upholstered kind. But, the ones with a mattress are so versatile. They're perfect for when extra guests pop in town for the weekend and they take a lot of pillows to style... and I love my pillows.



Because I'm being a lazy bad blogger and life's got in the way, you can find all the sources by clicking through the images on my Pinterest board.

In other not-related-at-all news, my love of Papa John's pizza has come to an end (if you knew me as a freshman at Clemson, you know this is a big deal), the lucite frame is proving elusive and tricky, no project bedroom updates lately because I'm waiting on a rug and fabric for pillows, I'm currently writing this post with a cat draped over my shoulders (I wish that I was kidding) and I fell in love with the Jacques tables at the Jonathan Adler store.

JA, you had me at the brass.