March 26, 2013

Project Bedroom: Week 3

Project Bedroom is slowly moving along so there is not too much to report this week except that the vanity is amazing and new Euro shams are imminent.

This post has very little to do with the bedroom because I took a TON of pics before realizing that there wasn't a memory card in the camera. Womp womp. 

But I did capture these pics before calling it a day.

And, on a possibly unrelated note, I've fallen in love with Quadrille's Contessa. Thanks to Lexi, my amazing little sister, who works for an equally amazing designer in Dallas and knows my style so well that she can just name a fabric designer knowing that I'll instantly fall in love.

In love.

I could see some killer shams or drapery made out of this beautiful fabric. No?

It's Wednesday Tuesday and almost April and there's still snow flurries in Atlanta and we're ready for spring. As it is, we may not see any sun for a long time so you can find me with my husband's stash of Teavana tea (not going to lie, that stuff is good) until the weather gods decide that it's time for me to switch my closets. Until then.

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