March 25, 2013

Little Changes

It was a rainy, nasty weekend in Atlanta which was exactly what we needed to force us to relax this weekend. We had a ton of plans and then we ended up with a ton of free time due to the rain. Not complaining.

On Saturday morning, we made our way to the west Midtown area of Atlanta where it's impossible to not go in the Jonathan Adler store. Mainly, I go in to visit my favorite lights, the Sputnik and Meurice Chandeliers, but, on this trip, I picked up a little guy that I'd been eyeing for awhile. The carnaby zebra stacking dish!

Hello, little guy!

Emma loves him.

We had brunch at West Egg. Only the best breakfast spot in this town. Ever. And since the wait was almost an hour, I even got in a little fabric shopping down the road! After brunch, I introduced the mister to Star Provisions, "the culinary dream shop for the gourmet expert." Big mistake. But a delicious dinner was had by all!

This piece came into the house. It had me at the frame - you can't really see but it looks like the picture is floating.

And just because I can't take pictures of my coffee table without taking a picture of the turtle.

Hope you all had a great weekend and that spring finds you soon! If spring finds you before me, send it my way. K, thanks!

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