March 18, 2013

Project Bedroom: Week 2

Hope you all had a fun-filled, green weekend! I was able to accomplish most everything on my list except for finishing the large stack of magazines that I've been trying to work my way through the past few weeks. But they'll be there tomorrow.

Project Bedroom is still in full swing and it's looking fabulous, dare I say. Yesterday, we moved things around the house and I got a vanity. This is HUGE. I now have a chair where I can sit and put on my makeup and do my hair in the morning while drinking my cup of coffee and listening to music.


You get a man room, and I get a vanity. Po-ta-toes, po-tah-toes.

I'm also trying to get down to business. The key to a small rental house is organization. And paying attention to the details. So, hello organization & details:

1. SYMMETRY: All about the bird prints above the night stand in this room. I'm thinking that my two prints that are currently in the living room will find a new home, pronto.
2. RUG: Signed, sealed and waiting for it to be delivered.
3. ORGANIZATION: Now that I have a vanity, I can't stop thinking about this image. I love how organized the makeup is and that everything is within reach. And pretty.
4. CATCHALL BOWLS: These bowls are the jam. We have them in every room and they will be majorly used in the bedroom for rings, bracelets, etc.
5. JEWELRY: Majorly considering this for jewelry storage and organization. Isn't she pretty?

Now, I just need the rug to hurry on up and we'll be on our way. Updates soon!

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