March 19, 2013

Pillows for the Living Room

You know when you start with one room and then everything else starts to fall apart? Yeah, that's happening.

In the living room, we're back to normal. I told y'all that the blue rug wouldn't last long in there (even though a little change is good). The whole blue rug in the living room was like the Space Shuttle Endeavor, making its way through the streets of LA before arriving at its final destination: the California Science Center. The rug is the rocket, my living room is LA and the man room is the science center. You dig?

We're back to the jute and now I need new pillows.

What's my inspiration? Why, I thought you'd never ask.

Miles. You do no wrong.

Same color families. Different prints. This room fantastically combines 3 prints.

More Miles. Navy with a pop of leopard... because every room needs leopard. (I need that on a bumper sticker)

Coco Chanel's apartment... need that room.

On the list: texture, print, velvet, neutral and a leopard print. Currently leaning towards a palette of green, blue and either red or range. If I had a rug like the one above, it'd definitely make the decision easier, you hear?

The front runners:

The pop.

The velvet.

The print.

The end.

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