March 14, 2013

A Little Change is Good

With the first signs of spring upon us here in Atlanta, I feel like I'm finally breaking out of my decorating cocoon (or would it be hibernation?). And with that comes a new rug. In blue. In my living room. Let me explain.

I like natural-fiber rugs. I like neutrals; jutes, sisals and seagrass make me happy. They make me happy because they're neutral, I can change my pillows when I want to and they are (for the most part) extremely user-friendly, especially in a house where guests spill and dogs shed. You know, a house that is lived in.

But this is currently happening.

And this.

We kept this rug inexpensive and went with an outdoor/indoor one. Inexpensive because we are renting and working with what we have until we move and start over with a fresh new design. And, outdoor/indoor because of how much wear this room gets, which is a lot

I must say that the technology in outdoor textiles has changed so much in the past few years. This rug is not only soft underfoot but you would never, ever guess that it just needs a hose for cleaning. 

The rug was originally slated to go in the back office/crazy town room but we thought that we'd mix it up and try it out in the living room for awhile.

And I don't hate it... and nor does Emma, obviously.

Have you used an indoor/outdoor rug in your home?

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