September 4, 2012

Flamingo Lingo

As we bid au revoir to summer, I can't help but fall further in love with the flamingo, the long-legged bird after my heart. My wish (or fear?) in life is to turn into a Palm Beach lady of leisure who wears boat shoes and Lilly Pulitzer all day. So someone please let me know if I begin to add too many flamingos to the Costner Casa. Please?

This flamingo fabric is so fun and fresh. It would be the perfect palette for a sunroom or small space. Add a brass chandelier and you have a party.

In love with this piece by Ron Krajewski. First of all, he had me at the colors but the piece just screams flamingo and fun.

This art WILL be in my house one day soon. Slightly obsessed with Flamingo Mingle- but I practiced restraint and did not purchase on One Kings Lane last night.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect chair to gold leaf and re-upholster with that fabric. Not like we have any room for it these days, but still.

Flamingos are the party... but Bunny Williams has known this for awhile now. Bring on the tufted bench and flamingo wall art. 

The Palm Beach flamingo party is on. 

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