September 10, 2012

Curtain Call

Hello! I hope that you all had a great weekend. We had a fun time at the football game and my friend's new store looks amazing. Yesterday, I was very productive and actually started and finished a project that I'd been itching to get to for a very long time now. And, boy am I glad that I tackled it. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest impact.  

Our house was renovated a few years ago and they turned the third bedroom into a walk-in closet/laundry room. The original closet remained in the bedroom and we were using it as a linen/sweater/gift bag/anything-that-needed-a-home closet. So when laying in bed here... 


This is what we saw...



So then this happened. Major re-org with a cat on top. And the purchase of measly shelves from Target- I got as far as you see below before having to wait for reinforcements. Putting together cheap furniture is not my strongest suit.


And ta-da! Linens, clothes, hats, bags, gift wrapping supplies, jewelry... there's a place for everything and it feels so good. 


The red man found a new home- he's been many places throughout the years and I've decided that I like him best holding my necklaces. He was part of my final photography project my last semester of graduate school and I love how he adds that extra dose of color that is so needed in this room.

I made the curtains in our last house for our bedroom and they've been just chilling since we decided not to hang curtains in this house but oh what a waste. I love how they complement the blue duvet that's at the bottom of our bed.


We love waking up and seeing this now. As D so brilliantly noted, curtains can easily change the look of a room. I love when he talks design. 


And another...


And one more...


So that was my Sunday evening. I hope that you had a productive and fun weekend!

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