October 31, 2013

One Room Challenge: Week 5

Week 5. It seems like the weeks move much faster when working with a deadline. You should try it sometime.

My life these days seems to be measured in weeks, how many weeks left in the One Room Challenge? 1. How many weeks along are you? 32. How many weeks until baby girl's arrival? 8. Ay. But I'd like to thank Linda from Calling It Home for putting this little linking party together because it's forcing this girl to get her act together.

We're at the end of the One Room Challenge (catch up HERE) and my stress level is at its end too. The bane of my existence these days are companies who do not ship items and products on backorder but let's say a little prayer that everything makes it in a week.

And in the meantime, let's look at the plates. I've got a husband who very patiently hung them. He's also given up his dresser (that he's had since birth, mind you) so that this room could get organized. It was the plan all along but I've still got to admit that it's crazy that this (unborn) child of ours currently occupies the ONLY dresser we have in the house. The master may not have a dresser anymore, but we have a nursery to finish folks.

A little sneak peek. Plates make me happy. The fairytale plates were gifts from my grandma as I was growing up and fit perfectly in the design. The whole collection only includes six plates but I love the gold-rimmed edges and the detail of each one. And the white plates are from my china collection. I have many sets though–I'm turning into my mother–so could spare three of these white and gold ones.

Don't worry, even though we hung them many inches above the crib, I know that we'll either move her crib to the opposite wall as she gets older or move the plates entirely.

I'm digging the wide striped floor with the bedskirt in Caitlin Wilson's in Navy Fleur Chinoise

The curtains went up tonight. No pictures yet. And hopefully all my deliveries arrive in the next few days so that I can have an actual reveal for you next week. Saying a prayer tonight to my knights in brown (UPS) armor. I hope that I'm not the only one worried about getting everything done...?

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Meanwhile, go give some love here to the other amazing bloggers participating in Calling It Home's One Room Challenge linking party. And happy Halloween! Hope you eat lots of candy today.


  1. Love the bedskirt… be sure to enter CW's contest!!! The plates are such a fun addition, sentimental and charming, perfect!

  2. Love everything about your room so far...can't wait to see the finale! Love your sentimental items too :)

  3. The crib bedding is lovely! Good luck getting everything done! Elle

  4. Who doesn't like a plate with gold trim? They look great.
    Good luck on the deliveries....-Caitlin

  5. The plates look amazing! I know I've said this before on your blog but I really need to hang my daughter's plates. And now more than ever, cause yours look so good. And can we talk about that bedskirt. Seriously killing it with that! Love it.

  6. The plates are such a lovely and sentimental idea!! And that bedskirt is gorgeous!!

    The Glam Pad

  7. Girl, those plates are going t be down off that wall, one way or another, in under a year.

    My 8 month old, standing up in her crib, tore her wallpaper border clean off the wall. I don't even want to think about what will happen with those plates.

    Sigh of relief, just read your note about moving them.

  8. Kate, you are so sweet. I am glad this is helping you get the room done. I have a feeling you would have gotten it done anyway. The plates are a lovely touch. If you are surprised at how you husband is acting by giving up his dresser to the new baby....just wait until she is born. My husband forgot the word 'no' after our daughter was born.

  9. So sweet that this room will be filled with sentimental pieces, from your GM's plates to her daddy's dresser. Can't wait to see it all next week!

  10. Those plates are so adorable! I love the fabric on the bedskirt, too, and I hope you get all your deliveries on time!