July 23, 2013

Boy Nursery

There's a lot going on these days at the Casa Costner and I can't wait until I can fill you all in on the details! But in the meantime, as I said in my last post, we have a nursery to plan. We finally get to find out the gender in the next few weeks but in the meantime I'm being super impatient and designing rooms for both genders. So follow along as we find out the gender, decorate this room and welcome our sweet little babe in December.

In my first go at it, and in honor of Kate and Will's new baby boy, I've designed a little boy's nursery with a neutral color palette where the main color is blue (are you surprised?) with grey/green accents. I'm slightly obsessed with the color palette and pieces in this room so if we aren't having a boy, then this room will need to be revisited for another project.

1. In our current bedroom, we are using Doug's old dresser from when he was a baby so it's definitely going to passed down to our little babe once it gets a fresh coat of paint and some new knobs. Top it with a lamp, some fab art and our deer head that's currently in the dining room (who will also get a fresh coat of paint) and voila.

2. The nursery is a small space so we will need to make use of wall space which is exactly what I want to do with a large bookcase that can corral toys in baskets (a must!), books and decorative objects.

3. A glider, monogrammed pillow, apothecary floor lamp and table. Also, the background is a rug that I'm totally digging. This room would either be wallpapered in blue seagrass or painted in a shade of blue without it looking too nursery-y... if that makes any sense.

4. A nook with a seat for dad (or mom) because it's not fair to have just one seat in the room, right? Above would be some vintage shark and fish prints.

5. And last but not least, the crib would be white and the window treatments would be white with trim so to not compete with the rug or walls. I'm leaning towards cornice boards because of how the windows are in the room.

And that's it for baby boy's nursery. I'll be back with a girl's nursery design soon! xo

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