April 9, 2013

(Not My) Spring Break

This morning, on my way in to work, my dad called from St. Maarten. He's on his annual "spring break" trip with his best friend. He always says that they're "working." Sure.

During the call, he was snapping away pictures on his new camera and a few minutes later, I got these in my inbox. Thanks, Dad. Way to make your daughter feel better about working all day with a massive allergy headache!

But, let's all pretend like we're all in St. Maarten for a minute. Can you get over this villa that my dad designed? He's one talented architect.

Thanks for the pics, Dad! Enjoy your "spring break."

1 comment:

  1. the website looks awesome! so does st. maarten... which i would have spelled st. martin before reading this. thnx homie and spellcheck. keep up the good work!