January 27, 2013

13 Resolutions in 2013

Life's beautiful. It's full of ups and downs, detours and roadblocks. The past few months have been full of highs and lows, and I wouldn't change a moment. But, over the course of the past few weeks that I've lost many of the core attributes that make me who I am. Namely, reading books, decorating my home and practicing yoga. Oh how I miss yoga!

So, this all brings me to my 13 resolutions of 2013... better late than never, right?

1. Read a new book every 2 weeks.
2. Explore spotify and pandora for new music & find at least 10 new bands.
3. Practice yoga at least once a week. Yoga makes life better. The end.
4. Watch more classic movies and less (cough, cough...) Bravo.
5. Find my signature scent.
6. Try at least 20 new recipes.
7. Blog at least twice a week.
8. Get rid of clutter and do not replace it.
9. Finish collecting all of my random plate collections. (yes, I'm turning into my mother)
10. Collect timeless pieces.
11. Take our pup Emma to the beach.
12. Go fishing (extra points for catching another shark).
13. Work smarter and not harder.

Also, I'd love to live in a Slim Aarons photograph. But wouldn't we all?

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